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Bulk SMS Services India & International

"The BulkSMS Web Interface, Your Mobile, One of BulkSMS's API's. Bulk SMS powers thousands of mobile marketing campaigns. There are other ways to do mobile marketing, but none of them offer the reach of simple, bulk sms service text messaging.

According to latest cell-carrier research, Bulk SMS are still a relatively uncluttered and spam-free marketing channels. Bulk SMS services are the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals.

Bulk SMS services are used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Bulk SMS services is been used for mLearning (Mobile Learning) by academic institutions such as the University of Pretoria to provide general administrative and motivational support for rural students".

Nowadays, people use their Mobile devices such as palmtop, handheld, and cell phones to do everything from accessing their e-mail accounts, using Internet, accessing personal and corporate information, etc.

Bulk SMS Service Provider

We (KAP Computer Solutions) are happy for getting your visit at our site. KAP Computer Solutions is a top leading bulk SMS service provider in India. Since bulk SMS is a right way of marketing, you can easily get a very good response from your business. Our top class services are able to give you the highest return on investment within a little span of time. As per our several years of experience and the happiness of our client; without any doubt we as a bulk SMS service provider can say that you are at the right place and any kind of business can grow with our services.

Our web based software has been designed for ease of use and capable for sending thousands of SMSs in a minute. It enables you to make a professional management instead of communication over the phone etc. You can make even your ID by which you want to send messages to the receivers. Bulk SMS India is increasing day by day, it is being used everywhere be it a small organization or big one. The good thing is that thousands of numbers can be saved in the storage of this software, even you can send group SMS or one by one SMS to the clients and others. Scheduling messaging and tracking almost all the basic information about the receivers is also precious thing about this software.